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We are here to help translate vocalized customer emotions into customer needs

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Meet Simpatico

Designed for CX professionals who want to deliver top-notch customer service to convey more personalised experiences

Emotion Recognition

Capture true emotions from the voices of the client and agent, revealing them while speaking and collecting key engagement metrics

Speech recognition

Transcribe speech to text in multiple languages with perfect accuracy, and speakers separation, both offline and in real-time

AI Analytics

Best-in-class NLU networks for summarizing transcribed calls, extracting context, and highlighting insights

Full coverage

Cover all of your calls with automated post-call actions: Call Transcription, Behavioural Analytics and Call Analytics

Reach better results with live emotional validation assistance

With the power of AI on their side, agents can take CX performance to the top levels, recognising customers' moods easier and faster than ever before while reducing time spent on post-call analytics. To management, it means a wider picture of the whole call center ecosystem and offers a whole new toolbox of features, such as customer emotional profiling or real-time notifications about "emotionally dangerous" moments in current calls

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How it works


Simpatico captures voice from audio

You can connect any preferred third-party audio source or use your device microphone directly


Speech and emotion recognition

This is where the magic happens.
Neural Networks extract valuable information from the call record to deliver invaluable behavioural insights


You get the full view upon the call

Use the built-in dashboard for call and emotional analytics or export data to your favorite BI system

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True emotions can help businesses that struggle to establishan empathic relationship with clients

Simpatico gives call centers the opportunity to provide more personalized voice-oriented experiences, with care for their customers and employees. It can turn audible emotions into actionable insights, helping to understand (and predict) customers' real needs and desires

Customers get a more empathical experience
Agents do less post-call work
Business reduce expenses on CX

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Join us on a journey to deliver empathy into any Voice User Interface, making AI as caring and understanding as only humans can be

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